CAE is a global physical commodity trader addressing the semiconductor market – initially focused on silicon, CAE considers transactions in any physical asset utilized by a fabrication facility. We work with all levels of a fab, from maintenance engineers to fab managers to understand their demand, available supply, and solve fundamental sourcing and monetization challenges.

CAE enters commodity markets tied to attractive secular trends, but are fragmented and lack central pricing mechanisms, settlement systems, and are without developed derivatives. CAE’s platform then congregates buyer and seller inputs into one algorithmic matching system that looks to behavior, market events, supply, demand, and asset quality to develop solutions for its clients.

CAE’s advantages are its track record for reliable outcomes, driven people, rigorous and rapid execution, deep network, unique data aggregation, analytics, and its proprietary technology platform. CAE’s technology allows it to rapidly manage hundreds of thousands of relationships, thousands of client interactions per day, and capture hundreds of thousands of data points per month.

CAE provides its clients with unique access to off-market situations, superior pricing, better access to information in competitive situations, and a safe platform to purchase or sell through that mitigates asset, funding, counterparty, and competitive risk.

CAE was founded in 1982 in Menlo Park, CA. CAE is based in Austin, TX, and has offices across the U.S. CAE’s non-U.S. offices are in Switzerland, Belarus, and Taiwan.




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