作為新加坡,台灣,香港和中國最值得信賴的招聘機構之一,我們致力於為客戶和候選人提供全面的人力資源解決方案。作為HRnetGroup的一份子,我們建立了全面的招聘網絡。通過在亞太地區的13個城市開展業務,我們有能力幫助您在各種行業中進行招聘,並將您與合適的人員聯繫起來,以滿足您組織的需求。 RecruitFirst在新加坡已經建立了良好的聲譽,因為我們熱衷於將最優秀的人才推薦進最合適的組織中。




從我們為客戶提供市場分析, 為求職者提供專業職能建議,我們的團隊付出最大的努力提供人力資源解決方案,對我們遇到的每一位客戶和求職者產生重大影響。



對於客戶, 我們著重深入認識彼此,了解他們的需要,以提供高質量的服務。對於求職者,超越履歷的內容,我們更在乎與求職者的關係建立與交流。對求職者的深入了解為我們的優勢,讓我們更能分辨為求職者配對的機會,是一個好的職位還是一個非常好的職位。


As one of the most trusted recruitment agencies in Singapore, Taiwan, Hong Kong and China, we are committed to providing holistic human resource solutions to our clients and candidates. We have established a comprehensive recruitment network as part of the HRnetGroup. With operations across thirteen cities in the Asia Pacific, we have the capability to help you recruit across a wide variety of industries and connect you with the right people to meet your organisation’s needs. RecruitFirst has developed a solid reputation as a recruitment agency in Singapore known for our passion in fitting the best people to the right organisation.

From Day One, we’ve set out to ensure that we know your business and make it a part of ours.

From the market insights we bring to our clients, to the 'in the know' advice we give to our candidates, our team works hard to provide human resource solutions that create a significant impact on the businesses and people that we meet.

Our approach to delivering these solutions stem from two key words – Going Beyond!

With clients, it is about going beyond the brief to truly understand and embrace the unspoken so that we’re always delivering top notch service.

For the candidates we meet, it always goes beyond the CV and engaging them on a personal basis. It gives us an edge, as we’re able to discern whether a potential placement we make is going to be just a good one or a really great one.


RecruitFirst Intern


工作內容︰ 1.協助顧問達成客戶招募目標 2.完成主管交辦事宜及部門後勤支援 3.資料處理、掃描及建檔 4.獨立專案執行