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• Business Development 
Growing your own recruitment portfolio by identifying new clients through various client engagement methods, and business meetings to establish relationships with key hiring contacts in business organisations. 

• Sourcing candidates 
Using various sourcing channels and attending networking events to build up your industry contacts and grow your talent pool for potential job opportunities in the market. 

• Attracting and selecting talent 
Write persuasive job advertisements to attract a good caliber of candidates, conduct phone screening and face-to-face interviews to assess suitability of candidates. 


• Sales & Business Negotiation 
Be a great broker of needs and interests for both your clients and candidates, and strive to negotiate business terms that are mutually beneficial and acceptable to both parties professionally.






  • 良好的溝通能力以及說話技巧
  • 英文聽、說、讀、寫能力流利
  • 抗壓性高,成果導向,喜歡追求挑戰
  • 熱忱滿載,樂觀積極
  • Degree in any discipline. 
  • No experiences required. 
  • Candidates with strong passion to develop a career in sales, seeking fast track career progression and looking for a platform to excel 
  • Team player with a focused and persistent mind-set, taking initiatives to drive results in a dynamic environment 
  • Good interpersonal skills, and ability to communicate effectively to engage with candidates



Our Group has in excess of 1000 consultants in 10 cities across the Asia-Pacific actively engaged in the market on a daily basis. Whether you are in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Hong Kong, Taipei, Tokyo, Seoul, Singapore, Kuala Lumpur or Bangkok on a Sunday, Wednesday night or Public Holiday, through riots, snow storms and haze, we are right there with you. Nailing that talent who will make that difference in your company, or getting you that dream job. 

Our deep and wide expertise in the fields of talent acquisition, talent management, contracting services, recruitment process outsourcing, and human capital consulting means we are uniquely positioned to meet your needs whether you are starting a new plant in Shanghai, managing a fast-growing conglomerate in Thailand or moving your headquarters to Singapore. The magic is, we work with passion. We sense and are able to advise our clients on shifts in the wind, we rapidly pool consultants across industrial and functional specializations spanning numerous cities in order to work out the best solutions, we have taken a sampan to secure a candidate when it was flooding, wooed another for a year because we knew he was The One. Though we have strengths that have kept us dominating the senior management and C Suite sphere, we will prioritize and fill a secretarial position tonight if that frees your mind and gives you peace to get your work done! 

That is why we are one of the Top 50 Human Resource Providers globally, and have been consistently voted Top 10 Human Resource vendors in our respective local markets. AS part of the Group, PeopleSearch Taiwan now has more than 60 full time consultants who specialize in various industry sectors to assist clients to identify and attract talents for their organizations.