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CPU Architecture and Performance


The main responsibility of this position is to improve performance and power/area efficiency of world-class microprocessor for mobile and portable computers. The potential areas to work include:

  • Function and performance model development
  • Performance projection and competitive analysis
  • Performance bottleneck analysis
  • Benchmark and workload characterization
  • Performance, Power, and Area trade-offs study
  • CPU and Machine Learning architecture/micro-architecture research





  • Master's or Ph.D., Electrical Engineering, Computer Engineering or Computer Science, emphasizing on computer architecture or artificial intelligence/machine learning
  • Good knowledge on in-order/out-of-order CPU microarchitecture, and/or machine learning framework, algorithm, and architecture
  • Proficient in C/C++ and scripting programming
  • Good communicator in verbal and writing in English
  • Familiarity with computing software, including operating systems, hypervisors, drivers, etc.


From its beginnings in 1985, Qualcomm has grown from seven individuals meeting in a den to a world-leading provider of wireless technology and services. Qualcomm is a global company, a firm with many facets, with each business division changing the way we live and work through its own unique contributions. But no matter what each Qualcomm business does, all are united by a single, driving passion: to continue to deliver the world’s most innovative wireless solutions.
Today, Qualcomm plays a central role in the rapid adoption and growth of 3G and next-generation wireless around the world. Qualcomm’s current intellectual property portfolio includes more than 13,000 United States patents for wireless technologies, with more than 180 telecommunications equipment manufacturers licensing them worldwide.